Self-increased acceptance bandwidth of second harmonic generation for high-energy light sources

Year: 2015

Authors: Krupa K., Fona R., Tonello A., Labruyere A., Shalaby B. M., Wabnitz S., Couderc V.

Autors Affiliation: Université de Limoges, XLIM, UMR CNRS 7252, 123 Avenue A. Thomas, Limoges, 87000, France; Dipartimento di Ingegneria Dell

Abstract: We report a series of experimental results showing that the acceptance bandwidth of second harmonic generation in quadratic crystals may substantially broaden when using pumps at high intensities. We highlight the co-existence of second harmonic generation and strong unconventional spatial beam reshaping. Our experimental results are in good agreement with our numerical simulations.

Conference title: Spatiotemporal complexity in nonlinear optics (SCNO) 2015
Place: Como

KeyWords: Harmonic generation and mixing; Bandwidth; Harmonic analysis; Light sources; Nonlinear optics; Optical materials, Co-existence; High energy light; High intensity; Non-linear optical material; Parametric process; Spatial beams, Harmonic generation
DOI: 10.1109/SCNO.2015.7323996